I am wife to Chris and mother to 4 beautiful children.  I attended births from 2006-2014 as a doula and student midwife and have been encapsulating placentas since my daughter's birth in January of 2009. After having experienced postpartum depression after having my 3 boys I knew I would do anything to avoid the sadness that encompassed me after their births.  I had heard about placenta encapsulation and decided I would try it.  The results were miraculous!  After my each of my previous births I experienced uncontrollable crying and sadness for at least 3 weeks.  In stark contrast, after my daughter's birth I only experienced one day of feeling weepy.  I thought for sure all of those old feelings were creeping back in, but the next day I woke up and felt great!  While taking my placenta capsules I felt energetic, happy, and healed quickly.  I was amazed with the results and began encapsulating for other mothers so they could experience the same benefits I had experienced.  

After a one and a half year break for breast cancer treatment I am taking clients once again and am available to serve families once more.  I am honored to serve you in your postpartum time.

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